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tours. We try to do something different
every tour. Every time we go to a city,
whether it’s us headlining or another
band headlining, we try to make the
show special, and make it fun. In
playing 300 shows out of year, the worst
thing would be playing the same show. We
continue to do that today. We try to make of bands have to put out a record in less “Now terror begins in-
every single tour more exciting the last than a month. We were very fortunate to side a bloodless vein
(different tricks, whether it’s production, be able to take our time and do that kind
choice of songs, etc.) of stuff. We are really happy with the new I was just a product of
And playing that many shows in a year, the street youth rage”
What is it about Dan Korneff’s work
how do you keep from killing each
other? that meshes so well with Pierce the Veil?
(laughs) We are very lucky. The dudes in It is a number of things. This is the
my band get along so well. The only thing first time we’ve actually kept the same
we ever get an argument over, is regarding producer. With always changed producers
how to make the show the best we possibly going into the process. It’s kind of like
can. That is the only time we have gotten getting that first awkward date out of the
“heated.” Other than that, it’s great. I’m way. We started right where we left off. I
very lucky to be in this band. We are all think his work ethic was what drew us. At
like brothers. Mike and Vic are brothers, first we didn’t know him, but we had heard
but we all feel like we are related. his mixes and knew what he had done.
We also heard great stories from other
You have three albums, and one yet to bands who worked with him. That is what
come. What has your contribution been it came down to for us: the fact that our
to them? Do you write any of the music? friends, who we really trusted, had really
Especially in this newest one, this is the good things to say about him. When we
most collaborative it has ever been. We met him, his work ethic made us look
used the same producer as on Collide: lazy (laughs). We work 14 to 15 hour days
Dan Korneff. We were in Long Island, working on songs, and this guy made US
and just like with Collide, we set up in this look lazy. So we were like, “Holy Crap! We
warehouse studio, and every song that have to step it up!” I think he gets the best
we made we literally brok e it out of all of us. We joke around about him
down and wrote it from the ground up, being the secret fifth member of the band.
just to exhaust every possible way the
song could be done. (laughs) different Did you still go with House of Loud for
speeds, different tempos, different parts this one?
for bridges, different parts for choruses. No. He actually moved studios. He used
Being able to do that is awesome. A lot to live in Long Island and had to drive
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