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NEWS: New T & N video for “SLAVE TO THE EMPIRE”

To piggy-back off our journalist, Johnny Price’s review of the latest and greatest offering from T&N stated, “You might say that T & N is the closest thing to a full blown Dokken reunion that the fans are going to get.” T & N has released their latest and official video  of “Slave to the Empire” featuring George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Brian Tichy.

It was produced by Jeff Pilson and Mark McLaughlin, and directed by George Lynch and Mark McLaughlin. So, you KNOW you are in for a treat!


Take a peek at it here!



If the video inspired you, we will yet again paraphrase our journalist by saying: Feast your own ears upon four of the songs of badassery here…


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  1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover haha I think the same rule appies here. They made great music for the time, they WERE a rock n roll porushoewe. And last but not least, music isn’t about who can be harder. go back to a simpler time with yes OZZY, and KISS and remember that you wouldn’t have you’re HARD rock if these bands didn’t pave the way.P.S. Maybe you should try to listen to it backwards haha